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Where we ship:

Shipping to states marked with an asterisk (*) requires us to use an intermediary shipper. This may result in a slightly longer delivery time and some additional cost.

Why is my state is missing? Wine shipping is governed by state law. If you don't see your state, we are legally prohibited from shipping wine to the location.

Are there other options? If outside shipments are not allowed in your state, you may wish to provide an alternative shipping address in a legal state, or the address of a third-party storage facility.

[S] Special requirement - Alabama: We can only ship to the state-run ABC stores; additionally we require the name and store number, as well as the name of the manager.

Contact us for questions or details about your order, and see our "Buying Wine: FAQs & Policies" page for more details.

International shipping: please inquire about shipping costs and payments